Waidzeit Wood Species

MAPLE: The maple belongs to the genus of broadleafs and is located in Europe, Asia and North America. A total of more than 200 species are known, with the mountan maple dominating in our regions. The wood of the mountain maple is yellowish to white and very hard and darkens, especially when exposed to sunlight.

BIRCH: The birch belongs to the genus of broadleafs and has a special white bark. You can find 60 different kinds of birch trees all over the world, and four of them are also located in domestic forests. The birch is known for its liquid, which is very popular in the natural medicine. The wood is very light and therefore our glasses offer a pleasant wear comfort. 

YEW: The yew is a evergreen conifer with red fruits. In Europe yew forest can only be found in scotland. Its very interesting that there are feminine and male yew trees. The wood of the yew is very elastic, which is suitable for the production of wooden watches. 


OAK: The oak tree is a tree which is can be found all over Europe and often stands individually on heights. Under good conditions, an oak tree can grow to a thousand years. The oak wood is the most resistant and durable wood and the European forests and therefore belongs to the hardwoods.

WILD BERRY: The wild berry is a summer green braodleaf and is mainly found in Central and Southern Europe. The wood of the wild berries is one of the hardest European woods. When wet, it is very well formed and is elastic, whereas the wood is very stable when dried. The wild berry is very precious and fresh in the bright state with a velvety surface (silywood) and dark reddish.

SANDAL WOOD: Sandalwood is a collective term for different species of the species Santlum. In addition to the red color, it is distinguished by its particular hardness and resistance as well as its good processability. Characteristic of the green sandalwood is the intense fragrant of the wood.

WALNUT: The walnut tree is very much appreciated because of its fruit the walnuts. A little less known is that the walnut wood is a valuable noble wood and medium hard and medium heavy, which means a particularly excellent wearing comfort for our products.

AROLLA PINE: The arolla pine is a kind of pine which can be found in the Alps from an altitude of about 1,300 m. It is one of the most valuable types of coniferous, whose intense, well-groomed nature is very much in demand. Pine wood is a very soft wood and should be carefully handled.