Waidblick Glasses

Seeblick sandalwood

The Seeblick glasses out of sandalwood has a sporty, modern look. This Waidblick glasses is especially extravagant because it is a mixture of wood and titanium. Like all Waidblick glasses, it is also very comfortable and easy to wear. It is functional and further it gives the certain something. It fits perfectly to leisure fashion, business outfits, sportswear and, of course, especially to traditional "Tracht".

handmade loden bag from Ennstaler Loden is included free of charge .


Basic information:

  • Glasses width: 143 mm
  • Web with: 16 mm
  • UV protection factor: UV 400
  • Uniform polarized glasses with the thickness of 1.1 mm 

99,00 €

  • Available
  • Ships within 7 days1