Wildfang Jewelry

make a wish

Wildfang is the young, extraordinary jewelery line from the house of WAIDZEIT, in which wood elements are refined with silver and can be combined in the sense of "wish you something" in a variety of ways. Thus the individual wooden beads from morning dew to meadows flower, their owner in a unique way, and lend wit and grace. The wooden beads are designed and manufactured in Austria and thus a piece of home goes out into the world.  



Silver necklace - Blossoms set
176,00 € From 147,00 € 2
Silver necklace - Blossoms set
176,00 € From 147,00 € 2
Silver necklace - Waidzeit set
154,00 € 129,00 € 2
Silver necklace - Wildfang set
196,00 € From 157,00 € 2



Wildfang's STORY

In the morning dawn, the Wildfang is on the way into the forest. The morning dew glistens on the leaves of the trees! Suddenly it rustles in the thicket and the Wildfang follows the sound except for a forest glade. There she meets wild pearl, a shy deer, which suddenly picks up the scent and disappears into windsides in the bushes of the forest. The sun is gaining more and more power, and in the meadow, the colorful flowers glow in full glory. How beautiful this flower paradise is. Wildfang is particularly attracted to a Special flower - the simple meadow flower, which is simply wonderful in bright, reddish colors. Wildfang can not stand back and pick meadows and make a floral wreath out of it ...