Wildfang Beads


In the sense of "make a wish", the bracelets and necklaces can be individually combined in a variety of ways. This is why Waidzeit offers a wide variety of wood beads from ash to walnut, which are refined with sterling silver.

Thus the individual beads from morning dew to meadows flower beautify their owner in a unique way.

Meadow flower bead with pendant

Make a wish... "Wildfang" beads


The meadow flower bead with pendant is bordered on the top with a sterling silver flower. It resembles a fine meadow flower and fits to the "Wildfang" chain and the "Wildfang" bracelet and is timelessly beautiful addition to any outfit.

The wooden beads are designed and manufactured in Austria and thus a piece of our home goes out into the world.


Used material:

  • Meadow flower bead in ebony, ash, red sandalwood or walnut and sterling silver (S925)


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