Wildfang Necklaces

Silver necklace - Blossoms set

Make a wish ... Wildfang chain


This combination includes a sterling silver necklace , a meadow flower bead of red sandalwood & silver and two blossom beads of silver. This necklace is timelessly beautiful and fits for any occasion, whether it's a traditional costume or a business outfit. The length of the silver chain is 40 cm and it is extendable to 44 cm.

A noble white gift packaging with silver print is provided free of charge .


The wooden beads are designed and manufactured in Austria and thus a piece of home travels out into the world.


Used material:

  • Silver Necklace: Sterling Silver (S925)
  • Meadow flower pearl out of wood and sterling silver (S925)
  • Morning dew beads out of wood and sterling silver (S925)


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